In this day in age the marketing world is growing now more than ever, this is because of the uprise of social media marketing. Social media marketing is a type of marketing that uses global media platforms to advertise and reach consumers. Companies and brands need to stay on time and in tune with these fast-changing trends to have the best connections with their consumers. After doing some research we have formulated the top must-have trends to help your company come out on top!

  1. Influencers

The first marketing trend is one that has always been there but now more than ever is shining to be one of the most popular, this is influencers. Influencers are people who review / post about products and information. They are based on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. This marketing trend would be great for a company who sells items or a brand.

  1. Event Marketing

Everyone loves going out to have some fun on the weekend at your home town’s events. A great way to market your company to a mass amount of people in one location is event marketing. This is when a company sponsors an event going on which then gives them the chance to put their name and logo on flyers and any other advertisement that the event puts out. This is a helpful tool to really get the word around about your company, especially sponsoring an organizations event.

  1. Brand Ambassador Marketing

This type of marketing technique would be more for smaller brands that are trying to get more customers by having someone wear their product. What a smaller brand would do is have a person sign up to be an “ambassador” allowing this person to receive a discount code which they could give out to people to shop. If they get enough people to use their discount code the company would send free merchandise to show their appreciation. This does not only spread the word but benefits both the company and the ambassador. This is also a less expensive route to take then influencers.

  1. Virtual Reality Marketing

Virtual Reality marketing is a computer-generated environment that uses graphics to show a space or object through the internet that the consumer can interact with. This marketing technique would be excellent for a realtor company. This is because not all people can make it out to open houses since their schedules are too busy. Virtual reality marketing allows that consumer to tour the home or apartment via internet right off the realtor’s website. College Universities could also take advantage of this marketing technique because it allows more potential students to see the university without having to fly or travel an excessive amount.

  1. Marketing with a Message

This marketing technique is a great way to give back to a community that is struggling. Marketing with a message is when a company sells an item and a percentage of their income goes to an organization in need. One example is the company Pura Vida, for every bracelet or item that is sold they donate 1% of the profits to The Surf rider Foundation.  Another company that also uses marketing with a message is TOMS. Every time a customer purchases a pair of TOMS they donate a pair to a child in need. This is a great way to not only catch the consumer’s eye but to give back to organizations.

  1. User-Generated Content

Authenticity is one of the main things consumers look for in a brand especially on social media. Forbes recent Survey showed that 86% of customers say authenticity is important when they want to support a brand and 60% of them say generated content from users is the most authentic. UGC is a great tool to show that a company interacts with and cares about their customers. An example of this is when a company posts their customers pictures of them wearing a product on the Instagram or Instagram story. Another way is for an online boutique that sells a variety of different brands to have their own pictures of the products instead of using the same one as the brands that they are selling do.

  1. Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a new way to get weekly information across about your company. The main content marketing strategy is blogging. A company blog can help get an abundance of information out in a short and sweet manner. A successful blog is a valuable resource to have that consumer read more Intel about your brand. It also links to other content that helps the consumer find your products or service easier. To spice it up a great tool is to add some pictures and content that will capture your consumer to learn more and go to your company’s website. This marketing technique is excellent to keep your customers in the loop about upcoming info.





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Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash