Ad Agencies vs In-House Ad Team

It’s time to expand your marketing and ad campaign efforts to attract more customers. It’s important to create campaigns and strategies that seamlessly portray your company’s message and goals but also appeals to your target audiences. Deciding whether you should hire an ad agency or handle advertising in-house is a crucial decision. There are definitive differences between both options, however there are key advantages of utilizing ad agencies that tip the scale. The overall goal with this assessment is to ensure you have the most powerful strategies.

Dedicated and Abundant Personnel

Hiring an ad agency, companies receive an entire workforce that is devoted to reaching the company’s marketing goals. Generally, when recruiting an ad agency, the personnel available are usually larger than an in-house ad department. Small businesses may even find it difficult and impractical to create an in-house team that runs all advertising efforts. Funds and expenses allocated to advertising may be limited and running in-house businesses need to consider not only ad spend but also the salary for those additional bodies. With ad agencies you receive a set price. Rather than attempting to find suitable and qualified candidates, you can utilize agencies that already have teams of professionals available. This is a much more budget friendly approach to acquiring the manpower needed to execute powerful campaigns.

Provision of Distinguished Skillsets

Ad agencies are filled with capable individuals with expertise spanning across many different aspects of the advertising realm. Ad agency employees are skilled in digital marketing, media buying, and have the creative expertise, the combination of skills necessary for accomplishing your company’s marketing goals. In-house you’d have to worry about hiring people who possess those skills but with an ad agency, individuals with those skills are readily available. Ad agencies possess the means to employ individuals who specialize in diverse markets which means businesses can utilize different markets such as digital, billboards, and social media management. Such a diverse array of skills can’t be easily gained through hiring individuals and freelancers, but rather can all be included in an ad agency service.

Ad agencies have a lot to offer small, medium, and large businesses. Agencies can be a cost-effective option to effectively attract customers to products, services, and other offerings. To summarize, ad agencies are well versed in the field of advertising, and they can offer qualified contributors to attract, create, and inform an audience about what your company has to offer. Then all you must do is qualify the leads and close the deals!