We have had great success with Connectivity. We have grown from 44 restaurants to over 300+ restaurants with Connectivity’s help.
Chris Tomasso - President, First Watch
The Challenge
First Watch Daytime Café is an award-winning breakfast, brunch and lunch concept. Since 2014 Connectivity has worked as the AOR for First Watch on developing marketing and media plans for new restaurants opening, established markets, and franchise location growth. In 2014 First Watch acquired an Arizona-based 20 unit restaurant concept, followed by acquisition in 2015 of a 114 unit restaurant concept in 20 states, all while supporting their current 267 restaurants in 26 states with massive internal growth. First Watch needed a partner to maintain, increase and stabilize the First Watch brand, as well as manage the massive growth in one year’s time.
The Solution
Each category received its own custom media plan based upon multiple factors such as the market, the brand awareness, conversion of brand, and loyalty following of those brands. Although some marketing plans may be similar in tactic, each location had an individual strategy executed on an individual level.
New restaurant openings:
Included a mix of traditional and digital with a lot of grassroots efforts that came into the market heavy for a specific amount of time before media mix was reevaluated and modified.
Conversion Markets
(transitioning from established restaurant concept to a First Watch location):
In many cases First Watch brand awareness is already established and transitioning the existing loyal customer base to become loyal customers of First Watch is handled in non-traditional ways. Proper reputation management and store level marketing efforts are crucial when directly converting an established customer base.
Established Markets:
Keeping brand awareness high in markets where First Watch has been established for at least a decade requires a multifaceted media mix. Staying top of mind with baby boomers and millennials requires a strategic mix of top, middle and lower level media strategies and tactics.
The Results
Has been able to successfully expand their corporate and franchise locations by over 91 locations since 1/1/2016.
We saw a sales increase of 60%-90% from campaign launch to end.
Established Markets:
We saw a sales increase of 14% in one month post media campaign launch.
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