The team at Connectivity Strategy absolutely helped transform our approach to media and marketing. Their ability to navigate today’s complex media offerings has been invaluable to our growth.
Steve Weintraub – Owner, Gold & Diamond Source
The Challenge
We needed to help transform a single store retail location, in the hyper-competitive jewelry space, into a destination location. The biggest challenge was the need to build the brand to the point that potential consumers would drive past 20 competitors to come to their location.
The Solution
We built a full sales funnel strategic approach to their marketing and media efforts. We focused on the owners as “the brand” and helped create a deep mix of content styles to ensure prospects knew, liked and trusted the brand.
Demographic creative targeting:
We adjusted the message and creative to better speak to specifically targeted demographic groups, taking into account what appeals to each and how to appeal to them.
Sales Analytics:
We adjusted spending levels across multiple demographics and areas of the marketing funnel based on in-store sales data.
Attribution Modeling:
We also created the ability to pivot across demographic levels and media styles using traditional, experiential and digital offerings, based on online and in-store tracking tied into attribution modeling.
The Results
Increase in in-store traffic over last 3 years
Sales increase over last 4 years
Year-over-year growth to start 2018
First Watch
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