Marketing trends to watch in 2018

The way to reach your consumers is always evolving and changing. Learning these new ways and strategies to reach them could take time, so why not get a feel for them before the New Year? Staying ahead of the trend allows you to stay ahead of the curve and avoid losses in revenue. Our focus is to keep you in the loop and share some of the strategies that have arisen over the previous years.

As we all know, social media has grown immensely over the past several years and become a way in which people perceive and interact with the world. With this came multiple changes to the platforms we use to stay connected. Algorithms were created so that users are receiving the best content possible. Also ad-ons to the platforms, giving the users new ways to show who they are and their interests. As all of these advancements have been created it has provided opportunities for brands and agencies to be able to reach their target audiences and also create new ones. A few trends we find that will be major in staying connected in 2018 are live streams, influencers, content and growth content.

A few advancements made by Instagram and Facebook, which are paired companies, is live streams. Live streams allow users to be able to share videos on their profile in real time and interact with their audience. Though they are a little different, they are very similar and can be used in almost the same sense. Live streams have been growing in popularity in the past year, as they can create a real interaction with consumers instead of them just being shown another banner ad. Creating these relationships gives your brand the opportunity to begin to turn consumers into loyal customers.

In relation to live streams and social networks, these platforms have created thousands of influencers, or public figures, with small to large followings. What these influencers can do for your brand is help you reach your audience in a new way to help bring in more consumers. They create review videos or highlight brands and interact with their followers through comment sections and direct messages. As human nature you feel more comfortable with someone you trust than a mere stranger or paid actor, this brings in trust between brand and consumer with the influencer acting as the middleman. All influencers range in follower size and audience, finding the one that fits to your brands needs best is the objective.

Following with influencers and what they do, comes another major piece of what should be a focus for marketers, content. Content it’s what shows audiences and draws eyeballs to you. Creating great content and making it have an impact on consumers is the goal. What could be some great ideas for content? Creating something that’s positive, funny, motivating, relatable, interactive, and appealing. Knowing your audience before creating the content gives you an advantage to having it be more successful. Everyone loves a good laugh here and there, or a tear jerking message at some moments. All brands should focus on allowing content to speak to consumers.

One of the most important parts of marketing before bringing in influencers, worrying about the content, or creating live videos is, content growth. SEM and SEO are a huge part of bringing in the traffic to your site or profile, and once you have them there, you can then provide them with all the other tactics. Perfecting your SEO and SEM, will allow your site to be found easier through web searches. Bringing in more traffic means more eyes to your brand, and hopefully more conversions.

Though it’s easier said than done and the world is always changing, these are our thoughts of what the top market trends are for 2018. Being able to capitalize on these trends could lead your business into success for the New Year. Focusing on how your business could utilize them and put their own spin on them is up to you.