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TV viewing is experiencing huge fragmentation because viewers want to watch TV on whatever screen they want, plus watch it whenever or wherever they want not just on the traditional living room TV set. Today viewers just need an Internet Connection, a device (TV, Desktop PC, Tablet, Smart Phone), to pick an OTT platform to Access the Content (AmazonfireTV, Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, PlayStation.Vue, XboxOne) and then came select from multiple aggregators the OTT content they want (Crackle, Sling, Pluto, Xumo, tubtv) this enables them to then watch ad supported networks like “Hulu” or “YouTube”, “HBO Go”, “CBS All Access”, “Discover Go”, “FX”, “HGTV”, or “TBS” etc., or networks that don’t accept advertising like “Netflix”. People have coined the phrase “binge watching” to explain the new episodic programming that is available through OTT. Some of the greatest features of OTT advertising is that FF is disabled and the commercial pods are short (average of 60 seconds) so the environment is far less cluttered than traditional TV. Because it doesn’t require a cable subscription it is today’s best method of reaching cord cutters and others migrating away from traditional TV viewing.

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Cable’s answer to the threat of OTT cord cutters is their “TV Everywhere” product. Their marketing solution aggregates 3 premium sets of video inventory for their subscribers. The first is the Spectrum TV App. The app allows their subscribers to view Live network programming on 11 different platforms. The second set of inventory is the One Demand Platform in the set top box, viewed from a traditional TV. There are 52 premium-on-demand networks that they can insert a 30 second commercial as a pre, mid or post position. Finally, the third set of inventory is through a partnership with 53 networks that can air pre, mid and post roll commercials on the apps of whatever screen they wish to use. This inventory is available in Spectrum, Verizon, Direct TV and AT&T homes that subscribers to cable TV. Reporting for post campaign performance includes networks/programs, device type and completion quintiles. They’ve also recently added an option to request Ad Tracking, allowing Google’s Double Click Measuring capabilities to plan/execute/measure performance.


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