In anticipation of one of the biggest political spending years in history, Connectivity crafted a strategy to combat anticipated events in 2016, promoting both brands.  Incorporated into the plan in Tampa was a mix of broadcast, cable and digital, placed in a deliberately alternating pattern during air weeks that were provided by the client. This enabled us to stretch the budget to include Primetime on Cable, and then layer in the broadcast affiliate Early Morning shows.


Using broadcast media buying software, Connectivity performs invoice audits every month comparing the invoices to the actual buys that were placed.  This is done to ensure that in the schedules that were purchased, actual spots ran as ordered.  When spots do not run as ordered, we issue credits.  Year to date Connectivity has issued credits for things such as running out of the time period ordered, running too close to another MB or FLG spot (separation), unapproved make-goods, overbilling or running with the wrong copy.   During the course of this year, Connectivity found and issued credits for over $8,300 net as a result of this effort.


As subscribers to Nielsen ratings, we run a quarterly postbuy analysis to ensure the number of prospective customers we intended to see your commercials, are indeed doing so.  We provide ideal stewardship of your dollars,*remove comma* (independently from the stations), as we verify actual audience-*Remove hyphen* sizes of both makegood offers and campaign schedules.  When under-delivery is realized, we identify it to the offending vendor and ensure that makeup weight is secured.  We attempt to do this within flight in the next quarter (as possible) since the spots air in spaces available.  Year to date, the quarters have posted as follows:


Connectivity asks for, and gets, value added media exposure in exchange for your dollars committed for each individual vendor that is employed on your behalf.   These media vehicles may be five second or ten-second ‘billboards’ that say, “ABC Action News is being brought to you by Matter Brothers Furniture,” or may be your full :30 spot that runs in open space on each of the networks.  It can also be a percentage discount from regular rates, as in Bright House Cable who offers you 25% off on rates.

Below are some examples of both Digital and TV creative we’ve used this year.


We hold each individual station accountable to 95% of their promised audience delivery.

For MB Tampa WTSP, WTVT and WWSB have been under-delivering all year.  The value of the under-delivery accrued to date is at almost $67,000, with the majority of that weight being owed by WWSB.  In Ft. Myers, with the new currency of Impact Ratings, Nielsen’s new ‘look-alike’ method of assessing viewers, we were extremely conservative in our estimating.  This has resulted in a large over-delivery in the market.  Shortfall was realized on WBBH and WINK, but it was nominal and is valued at less than $7,000.

Florida Leather Gallery with its heavier cable focus had less under-delivery due. Tampa’s value was near $8,200, half of which is attributed to WWSB.  FLG SW FL had a bumpy Q1 with initial weeks being laid in previously by the client, but conservative estimating for the balance of the quarter has brought everything in year to date at goal.