Social Media Marketing

1) Focus on Generation Z

Marketers are starting to target generation z because most are at the age where they are starting careers of their own and are in charge of their own finances. Generation Z was born with technology as an already available resource and have grown up with social media being a predominant factor in their lives. This is why social media marketing has been increasingly popular to reach out to this generation who use social media every day. Also, many companies are incorporating pop culture and social trends into their ads in order to catch the attention of this new generation.

2) Video/Live Streaming

Many people are visual learners so using video often goes a long way more than a simple picture could. With the uprising of Snapchat and Instagram stories, many companies are promoting themselves through these outlets to catch the attention of audience through their daily scrolls through social media.

3) Mobile Marketing

More than 1.2 billion people worldwide use mobile, so no wonder why companies are turning to mobile marketing to advertise. People have access to their mobile device no matter where they can and can browse the internet in a matter of seconds. This upcoming year is going to include  a lot more mobile ads that viewers can click on and get taken to websites with a touch of their finger because it makes it is so simple and convenient, and people like simple and convenient.             

4) Short Video Ads

Short video ads, or sometimes referred to as pre-rolls ads, can often be seen before a YouTube video starts or before streamed shows. These short ads are becoming increasingly popular because let’s face it, people’s attention spans are getting shorter when it comes to advertisements. To keep viewer’s attention, a short and engaging ad helps get a brand across without losing the viewer’s interest.

5) Influencer Marketing

YouTube is just one example where influencers market and advertise products to their many viewers. Companies will reach out to YouTube influencers, as well as social media influencers, because their followers see their everyday lives and how a product or service is incorporated into their lives. Using influencers as a marketing tactic is becoming a big trend because it is an easy way to gain the trust of people if an influencer who has tons of followers is promoting the product and showing how it benefits them.

6) User generated content

User generated content is probably one of the most important and beneficial ways a company can gain recognition without actually having to put any money into being recognized. User generated content can be described as content that consumers of a brand put out into the cyber world or even word of mouth to friends and family by promoting a brand and all the benefits it holds and why more people should be purchasing it. It is an easy way for a brand to be put out there in a more personalized way.

7) Transparency

It is beginning to be a big trend for companies to hold full transparency with their products they are marketing to their customers. There has often been a negative outlook on marketing because it has been considered dishonest and exaggerated to benefit the company more than the actual consumer. Well, many companies have tried to take a step back from this stigma and try to apply negative feedback to improve their products as well as gain and build trust with their consumers.