Video Transcription

“I’m Sean Halter and many people notice that I’ve added a hashtag to a lot of my social media posts, in fact we’ve added it to many of the posts across all of the companies that we have investments in. The hashtag is “”solve don’t sell”” and to me what that means most importantly is understand what your customers really need, understand what your clients really need. It’s so hard everyday. We’re all sellers.

We all have products in essence that we’re selling. It’s hard to remember that sometimes what we want to sell the most isn’t really what our customers need or what our new prospects need. So it’s important to listen, it’s important to try to figure out what you need. That’s the last thing you have to ask out of a prospect. When’s the last time you actually asked that of a customer? I can’t tell you how many pitches I get every day from different companies that want to do business with us. I can’t tell you the last time that somebody actually stopped and just said.

What do you need help with? If they did it’d be a lot easier for me to be able to answer them and for them to be able to figure out and solve the need that I have. That, to me, is critical if you’re trying to figure out how do you build your business, how do you build your brand. How do you ensure that all of these other competitors are stealing business from you? Take that moment.

Stop. Listen. Ask your client. Ask your customers, ask your prospects; What do you need help with? To me, that’s solve don’t sell.”