If you haven’t heard, virtual reality is one of the newest and most unique marketing strategies yet! Virtual reality, otherwise known as VR, is a type of technology used to increase the engagement of consumers with a new fresh twist. VR is rapidly increasing in the marketing industry, in fact, brands are already using this marketing concept to enhance customer experiences, spread awareness about their company and promote engagement. These companies already have a head start on this awesome concept by using it for many different aspects of their businesses.

  1. TOMS shoes

TOMS is a retail company that is based on the values of giving back and making an impact on the world. Whenever a customer purchases a pair of their shoes they donate a pair to someone in need. TOMS has recently created a virtual reality chair experience for their customers for a new campaign they launched called “a walk in their shoes.” This VR experience shows how one customer traveled from California to Colombia to directly meet the child that got a pair of shoes from his purchase. They started this campaign to show customers just how meaningful it is to the people who benefit from you purchasing their products.

  1. Marriott International

Besides having hotel services, Marriott International also provides event planning and a variety of venues for corporate events. For these events, Marriott has made a virtual reality headset to show the customer a 360 view of what their event can look like. This helps not only the event planner but the customer because it allows them to pick all the colors and setups that they want to make their event perfect to their needs. Virtual reality helps Marriott International increase their sales and make event-planning that much easier to do!

  1. McDonald’s

Of course, McDonald’s is jumping on this virtual reality roller coaster! In Sweden, McDonald’s has started up this fun twist called “Happy Goggles.” Basically happy goggles is a Happy Meal Box that turns into cardboard VR headset. This concept is to increase more customer in-store engagement, especially focusing on the children, and it also promotes how you can use an object in multiple different ways for an eco-friendly effect.

  1. Samsung

Since Samsung made the VR headsets, of course, they would also use virtual reality to market their own company. The Samsung store in New York City allows you to actually use their VR headsets. This helps market their product while increasing their in-store engagement, this is because it is the only store that allows you to do it. It also helps the customer to understand how the headsets work before purchasing the product.

  1. Volvo

The next brand that uses virtual reality in their marketing strategy is Volvo. This car company actually offers test drives of the new Volvo XC90 through their Volvo Reality app. Customers could drive the car through a road in Vancouver all with virtual reality right at the reach of their fingertips. This allows the consumer to test drive the car without even leaving their homes, which is also a very unique intriguing experience. This brings in more engagement through their app to create “hype” about their new car coming out to ultimately bring in more customers and increase sales.

  1. Top Shop

Virtual reality marketing is also is being used in the fashion industry. The company who is using this awesome interactive marketing technique is the one and only Top Shop. Top Shop has made a VR catwalk experience, which is a 360-degree virtual experience of their unique AW14 catwalk show. This does not only intrigue any fashion lover but also those who cannot make it to that catwalk and want to see what it feels like to almost be there in person watching it. This brings in so much engagement that they had a swarm of people all around the store watching.

  1. Game of Thrones

The series “Game of Thrones” made a virtual reality  experience in 2004 called “Ascended the Wall.” They made an elevator that blows cold air at the viewers that are using the VR goggles as they experience climbing up the 700-foot wall of Castle Black. This was made to catch more fans eyes on an engaging experience and also get more people to watch the series. This turned into something bigger than they expected and brought serious attention to the series which raised their views.


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