At Connectivity, we specialize in media strategy and helping brands achieve a level of consistency with their marketing. No matter what your spend is, your media mix can and should create wild amounts of attention from your core targets. We know choosing the best media mix starts with the creation of a strategy specially customized for Wild Adventures.

Just ask some of the brands we work with…

Connectivity – National Strength – Localized Approach

See for yourselves…


We customize media strategies to suit the advantages and disadvantages specific to your brand. This includes careful selection and planning of traditional, digital, and experiential media to ensure we find the right mix to deliver the results you’re looking for.


Our team leveraged an impressive amount of dynamic partnerships and provided cross promotions throughout the market to boost ticket sales and get this colorful client the maximum return on their media dollars.

By developing a state-of-the-art strategy that integrated a diverse media mix, the Kooza/Cirque brand was showcased all over Tampa Bay! From sidewalks to bus stops to boards off the major highways, we went from capturing impressions in the streets to putting butts in the seats!


We help WWE fill stadiums and arenas and manage individual market event ticket sales.

On the digital side, we provide tag management and integration, lookalike-modeling and geo-fencing capabilities, and optional development of dynamic pricing modeling. On the traditional side, we work with the local radio and television stations to incorporate promotions and maximize ticket sale opportunities by keeping creative fresh and relevant to the audiences being reached.


We have worked with Margaritaville for 3 years on traditional, experiential, digital, and social media planning and execution. Each of the 18 individual locations we have worked with have a unique media strategy that takes into account each location’s events, menu, and core targets. Depending on the location, the media strategy could include billboards, radio, print, experiential, and digital.

Additionally, we developed a robust media strategy for social across both Facebook and Instagram. Part of this strategy was to create a calendar of daily posts to maintain consistency and supplement any lack of activity on the local level.


OGX Beauty dramatically increased the VOLUME of their sales after selecting us as their strategic media partner in 2016. We implemented a multi-million dollar all digital approach to showcase the brand across the U.S. and Canada.

This approach targeted a custom built, hyper targeted audience on premium publisher sites like Vogue, Elle, and Cosmopolitan. Our social media strategy utilized lively, dynamic creative placement across Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, yielding outstanding engagement rates within the demo and putting OGX into the spotlight with its larger competitors.

Deep Eddy Vodka

Working with this client for the last 3 years, we’ve worked on multiple aspects across traditional, digital, experiential and social integration opportunities. Our ability to leverage substantial price breaks enabled a 70% price reduction on national print publication Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.  We even garnered a 35% credit post run as part of our reconciliation due to the ad running 4 pages earlier than contracted

Our role in developing relationships with social influencers has allowed for extensive earned media opportunities, as well as provided the brand the ability to transition some of their traditional media into digital opportunities. Our goal is now to help them develop a female skewing vertical to match their success in the male space.

Providing sound media strategy, we’ve made it possible for the brand to better focus their marketing and media dollars on markets where they can make a more immediate impact on sales. The brand has been one of the fastest growing in the spirits vertical and was recently acquired by Heaven Hill based on that success.

First Watch

Our working relationship with this client has spanned 3 years and encompassed traditional, experiential, digital and social campaigns in over 10 states, with 25 markets currently active. This client is unique in that each campaign strategy can differ drastically from the next. First Watch is experiencing rapid expansion, recently purchasing and converting 3 additional breakfast restaurant concepts with 337 locations. At the same time they are opening 21 new First Watch Restaurants while maintaining 156 sustainable locations. Wow!

We create individual market plans to sustain brand awareness in mature markets, promote new restaurant openings in markets where brand awareness in non-existent and develop conversion strategies. Each plan is has a heavy digital and social presence to support their strategy. Campaigns are monitored weekly with regular check-ins to evaluate progress and analyze reports VS sales. Our ability to react quickly to necessary campaign changes provides First Watch with the national strength and localized approach they need.


Strategy – Traditional – Digital – Social


At Connectivity Strategy, we specialize in ensuring the right message reaches the right target at the right time. Our strength and mantra is to provide a national strength with a localized approach to media.  You won’t get the same template media plan for every target DMA, demo and audience segment. You will receive a customized approach unique to Wild Adventures.  People like to do business with brands they know, like and trust – what has changed is how you connect to them!


Our Action Plan:

  • Leveraging ticket promotions for upcoming events and special attractions with the local radio stations and media groups
  • Flighting spots on radio and television to keep creative updated and lively while running in prime dayparts to ensure we are getting optimal coverage
  • Securing the best GRPs, Cost-per-points, and added value opportunities offered while guaranteeing premium spot placement
  • Procuring high quality out-of-home inventory at favorable rates to showcase Wild Adventures as potential consumers are on the move

Traditional mediums are far from outdated – they are essential and necessary to any successful strategy


Our Action Plan:

  • Creating custom data segments to target Wild Adventures intenders based on their web behavior and purchase history
  • Ensuring fraud free delivery and high site quality across gold standard inventory and premium publishers
  • Custom audience insight via tag management gives us the ability to track the consumer journey through the sales funnel from a single touch point
  • Retargeting users across their multiple devices to reinforce the brand name and create lasting impressions

Digital media capabilities allow us to serve Wild Adventures ads to users who are actively searching for relevant content


Our Action Plan:

  • Developing a paid media strategy to reach core consumers through one of the most cost efficient mediums to reach your potential target
  • Using reputation management to help effectively increase the likelihood for positive consumer interaction
  • Managing and maintaining organic posting to enhance the connection between followers and the brand
  • Providing customized reporting to present insight on campaign trends and ensure we are moving in the right direction with our social approach

Social channels often transcend due to the visual and personalized nature of the product


Our Action Plan:

  • Experiential can dramatically increase brand volume in selected markets
  • Experiential breaks the plan of where consumers expect to interact with brands
  • Experiential can localize a brand to create a sense of community
  • Brand perceptions studies can help measure impact in addition to sales volume
  • Cross-promotional opportunities with core retailers

Here’s a chance to create true IN-MARKET BUZZ


Our Action Plan:

  • Targeting relevant keywords to improve page ranking and match with competitors
  • Developing organic search strategy in core markets to increase overall search real estate
  • Establishing Wild Adventures as a key content provider in the space, and thus an industry expert
  • Establishing close ties with social media’s impact on organic ranking

Layering in search advertising completes the path-to-purchase cycle for most consumers


Our Action Plan:

  • Using a combination of Spotify/Pandora/iHeart radio provides benefits of mass reach with the tracking capabilities of digital media
  • Mobile media opportunities can provide interaction close to point-of-purchase
  • Streaming provides targeting opportunities that traditional radio can’t match

Blended streaming option provides maximum flexibility across multiple streaming services


We are focused on catering to the needs and requirements to partner with Wild Adventures.  We recognize the obstacle that Wild Adventures is currently facing and will provide strong solutions to ensure a successful year. 

  • Pain Point:  Consistency in messaging and Quality
  • Solution: Ensuring that our strategy in inclusive of creative and medium synergies is also a key component to successful campaigns.  Identifying the appropriate message for each vehicle is a critical process that is addressed in the early stages of overall planning and strategy.
  • Pain Point: Quantity over Quality
  • Solution: We pride ourselves on having a national strength with a localized approach, in fact, it has become a mantra of ours.  That said, negotiating rates to the lowest possible clearance will not always be our recommendation.  While we are always looking for cost efficiencies, that may not always be achieved by rate negotiation.  Added value, media posting and holding the media partners  accountable for what we have purchased is what we are receiving will ensure quality media buys that will have the greatest ROI. 
  • Pain Point:  Management and Ad function
  • Solution: Having an extension of your team to focus on the day to day needs of a full encompassing advertising campaign will relieve  tremendous amounts of time and provide you a team of experts to ensure successful campaigns.  This will also allow the Marketing Director and Advertising manager to work with our team as well as other internal members of the Wild Adventures team to focus on a sales approach and raising the needle.
  • Pain Point: Objectivity and Strategic Thinking
  • Solution: Strategy is our area of expertise and unique selling proposition.  There are a lot of agencies the specialize in multiple facets but strategy is what we hang our hat on.  Reaching our target demo where they live work and play, with a message that resonates with them is where we have refined our craft.


Many agencies do similar things.
The difference is minor tweaks that can make a big difference.

For us, we think that difference starts with a sound strategy, our team and their dedication to client success, and the ability to be collaborative and nimble with the marketing teams we work with.


Sean Halter

Sean Halter


Focused on what we do best – integrating media strategy into an action plan and then working tirelessly to ensure that plan translates into increased sales and revenue for the brands we partner with, as if each dollar was my own.

WILD FACT: Worked as a Game Show Host for Nickelodeon at Universal Studios Orlando.

Gina Maker

Gina Maker

Director of Accounts

Templates are lazy – Gina’s mission is to ensure that campaigns, regardless of size, are laser-focused to reduce waste and verify accountability. That focus allows us to provide national strength with a localized approach!

WILD FACT: Was once picked to be in an Earthquake simulation and had to act like she was falling off of an escalator.

Lisa Halter

Lisa Halter

Social Media Manager

Your Social Media approach can make or break your brand’s reputation. Through thoughtful, planned posts and keen reputation management, we transform followers into consumers.

Wild Fact: Was once on the game show Family Double Dare.

Samantha Pick

Samantha Pick

Marketing Project Manager

Any brand’s success, no matter the size or the budget, is dependent on the strategy behind it. A smart and carefully considered strategy is key to making your name stand out!

WILD FACT: Has never been on an upside down roller coaster and doesn’t plan to anytime soon!

Laura Feist

Laura Feist

Media Director

It’s important to understand how quickly the media landscape is changing. With the right strategy, traditional, digital and experiential media plans can dramatically reduce waste and increase efficiency of spend – converting intenders to evangelists.

Wild Fact: Can’t visit an amusement park without eating Dip n Dots!

Kristi Patton

Kristi Patton

Accounting Controller

The key to any successful relationship is trust. Numbers and analytics are irrelevant without mixing in understanding and accountability.

Wild fact: Once cried on a roller coaster because she was so afraid.

We hope to have the opportunity to lead visitors through the gates and turn your 2018 marketing and media strategy into a WILD ADVENTURE