Connectivity blew it out of the water on both (media focused) brands, which is awesome! They did a great job assisting our team in achieving the desired results for the entire organization. We’ve had amazing experiences with them and I would recommend them to anyone.
Kelly Allen – Director of Brand Strategy and Communications, Empath Health
The Challenge
Empath Health is a nonprofit, integrated network of care that supports anyone facing chronic or advanced illness. Suncoast Hospice was established in 1977 and has been the sole provider for Hospice care in the market for over 38 years. Empath Health launched in 2014 and represents the range of services to those illnesses. With Empath brand launch there became confusion in the marketplace as to what association Empath Health had with Suncoast Hospice as well as other services provided under the Empath brand. Empath needed help intruding its brand in market and the appropriate association with Suncoast Hospice while not losing Suncoast Hospice brand recognition.
The Solution
Develop a multi funnel media approach that included a mix of traditional, digital, social, SEO/PPC and event based media efforts all wrapped around production of a brand-repositioning commercial specifically speaking about Empath and its services.
Strategic campaign messaging played a crucial role and worked in tandem with overall media placement tactics.
Traditional Media:
A mix of OOH, cable, broadcast TV, endorser radio with a specific message, and use of images and logos to generate specific brand recall and association.
Digital & Social Media:
Digital media campaigns were highly targeted to very specific audiences based on demographics and lifestyle. This ensured we were serving each target audiences with a message that was relevant to them. This not only generated brand awareness but also helped with lower level conversions.
The Results
Brand Recall:
Suncoast Hospice brand recall increased by 26%
New Brand Launch:
Empath Health brand awareness increased by 24%
Track Record:
Overall and individual brand increase annually of 8%
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