Since the beginning of our partnership, Connectivity has transformed our business by thoroughly understanding the strategic focus of our brands while consistently affecting bottom line profits. They offer a wealth of experience and knowledge across several disciplines, which we continue to lean on. Bringing innovative ideas to the table with actionable results allows for the continuous improvement of our brands.
Kim Dominguez – Director of Marketing, Matter Brothers Furniture & Florida Leather Gallery
The Challenge
Retail continues to be a challenge with margins getting smaller and in some cases locations competing directly with manufacturers both online and in brick-and-mortar. Our team was tasked with continuing to drive prospects through the sales funnel process and help keep Matter Brothers in their “intender” set.
The Solution
We worked with the ownership group, along with their new marketing team, to help devise one of their first marketing strategy plans that was truly proactive across the funnel (as opposed to being reactive to market conditions). In doing so, we helped them to stick to a plan that utilized strategy to determine creative, and creative to help increase sales traffic. In addition, we built a custom marketing portal to house the plan, assets, reporting and results to help keep the entire “team” on track to hold the plan accountable.
Customized Creative
We adjust the message and creative to better speak to where a consumer is specifically in the purchasing phase.
Manufacturer Partnerships:
We work directly with the team and in many cases the manufacturers to ensure every opportunity to reduce costs via partnerships is being taken.
Marketing Portal:
The marketing portal has allowed Matter Brothers (and many of our other largest clients) to have a single source for all of their planning, reporting and assets.
The Results
Sales increase multiple months over the last 24 months
ZERO additional cost for building and maintaining their marketing portal
Creative cost savings based on competitive submitted proposals
Gold and Diamond
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