Our portfolio is a mix of national and often very localized brands. Nobody finds those granular market specific opportunities to build brand awareness and drive sales like Connectivity Strategy.
John Wilhelm – VP Brands, Pabst Brewing Company
The Challenge
Pabst has an extensive portfolio of brands, many of which are targeted to specific markets or regions like Lone Star beer in Texas or Old Style in Chicago. We had to find a way to compete against massive media spenders from competing brands to create localized brand passion and ultimately sales.
The Solution
We built grassroots and localized campaigns that used a mix of experiential, digital and (in some cases) unique traditional opportunities that also created brand amplification social elements, from hand-painted billboards in NYC to chalk art in Texas.
Geographic targeting:
We adjusted the message and creative to better speak to specifically targeted geographic groups, taking into account that what appeals to consumers in Austin might be different than in Dallas.
Sales Analytics:
We adjusted spending levels across multiple markets and in some cases even made changes mid-campaign to ensure we could maximize sales goals and opportunities on and off-premise.
Sales Funnel Marketing:
With competitors often outspending us 4 to 1 – we’ve had to be extremely targeted in ensuring we touched each part of the sales funnel from broad media to programmatic, digital and social.
The Results
Amount of sales increase for Lone Star in one year
# of markets we’ve built localized strategies around across their portfolio
700 Million Dollars
The amount Pabst sold for in 2016 with us as AOR (after being bought for $250 million in 2010)
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