Connectivity has helped educate me on the best ways to leverage digital advertising, which is the future of marketing. Their open door policy makes me very comfortable and feel important.
Geoff Dyer – President of South FL Franchisee Group, Crunch Fitness
The Challenge
Crunch Fitness needed help moving out of the comfort zone of their historical media tactics – which previously focused heavily on direct mail as their primary lead driver.
The Solution
A strategic media mix that included traditional, digital, experiential and social media to communicate the proper message to the target audience based on where they aligned with the sales funnel.
Memorable Media
Leveraged the “making serious fitness fun” in traditional and digital mediums that are unique and cut through the clutter.
Sales Funnel Activation
Incorporated a mix of local marketing support with our media mix to increase prospects to clubs.
Digital/Social Savvy
Used savvy digital and social tactics to showcase clubs and make it easy for new members to join.
The Results
Broke the single sales record for all Crunch Clubs WORLD WIDE with 1260 online joiners in one day.
40% annual growth rate makes Crunch the fastest growing chain in the HV/LP sector.
Growth of an average of 6,440 members per unit.
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