As the automotive business continues to change, we’ve been beyond pleased at how the team at Connectivity Strategy seems to always stay ahead of the curve in understanding how media impacts our lead funnel.
Todd Devoogel – GM, Global Imports BMW (A Sonic Automotive Group)
The Challenge
The way people search and select cars has changed rapidly over the last several years with diminished lead time and a consumer that typically doesn’t want to leave contact information until just before they buy. Additionally, various partners across the “marketing” channel weren’t synergizing their approaches.
The Solution
We’ve built sophisticated tracking tools on the front and back end of many of their dealer sites to better talk to consumers at various phases of the purchasing cycle. In addition, we’ve taken the lead to ensure all partners tie back into specific attribution modeling to ensure the goal is continued increased sales.
Customized Creative
We continue to adjust the message and creative to better speak to a consumer at each specific point in the purchasing phase.
Sales Analytics:
We work directly with the dealer CRM and Google Analytics to better assess how certain media pieces are impacting sales volume.
Attribution Modeling:
We also created the ability to pivot across demographic levels and media styles using traditional, experiential and digital offerings, based on online and in-store tracking tied into attribution modeling.
The Results
Budget amount Clearwater Toyota was at to start the year
Cars we’ve helped sell across Sonic dealers
$1 Million+
In added value and media savings we’ve helped to deliver
Matter Brothers
Empath/ Suncoast Hospice
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